• fun-AimandIgnite

    Review: Fun. – Aim and Ignite 2xLP 5/5!!!!

    in News July 2 - 5 years ago

    Review: Fun. – Aim and Ignite 2xLP – It seems like Fun. is on top of the world right now with the release of the band’s stellar sophomore effort, Some Nights. But the trio was already impressing critics and fans alike in 2009 with a unique pop debut called Aim ...

  • 1995-TheyCameToConquer

    Review: Blink-182 – They Came to Conquer… Uranus 7”

    in News May 24 - 5 years ago

    Review: Blink-182 – They Came to Conquer… Uranus 7” – Originally release in 1995 on Cargo Music, Blink-182’s They Came to Conquer… Uranus was the band’s first release under Blink-182, rather than Blink. It featured three tunes – “Wrecked Him,” “Waggy” and “Zulu” – and received a limited original pressing ...

  • mockorange__86786_zoom

    Review: Mock Orange – Nines & Sixes LP

    in News May 23 - 5 years ago

    Review: Mock Orange – Nines & Sixes LP – Mock Orange’s debut album, Nines & Sixes, is available again on vinyl. The fast indie effort comes on a green, almost camouflage-looking piece of vinyl. The artwork and packaging are all those of the original release, from the cover art to ...

  • ycunderdog

    Review: Yellowcard – The Underdog EP

    in News May 23 - 5 years ago

    The Underdog EP is mostly remembered for being Yellowcard’s transitional album from One for the Kids to the sounds they got popular with on Ocean Avenue. The five tracks pressed on the vinyl are a great trip down memory lane, even if the pressing is fairly standard, but it’s nice ...

  • nofx

    Review: NOFX Hardcore 10”

    in News February 17 - 5 years ago

    Review: NOFX Hardcore 10” – There’s nothing about this release that’s really appealing. NOFX isn’t a hardcore band, and the guys don’t do a very compelling job of covering the genre. NOFX fans won’t care to hear the band do these obscure hardcore covers, and hardcore fans probably aren’t going ...

  • DIGI_4_PAN_1_TRAY_TH1318_IN

    Review: Portugal the Man – In the Mountain in the Cloud

    in News February 16 - 5 years ago

    Portugal The Man – In The Mountain In The Cloud – What may be most impressive about Portugal the Man’s sixth full-length in six years, In the Mountain in the Cloud, is the flow of it. It’s not that every track has a great transition – there really aren’t many ...

  • la

    Review – La Dispute “Wildlife” LP

    in News February 9 - 5 years ago

    La Dispute “Wildlife” LP – It’s not that La Dispute’s Wildlife is a long album that’s the problem; it’s the fact that it feels like a long album that’s the problem. Similar to how a good movie can still feel swift at 3 1/2 hours, listeners tend to forget about ...

  • horrible

    Review – Horrible Crowes “Elsie”

    in News January 26 - 5 years ago

    Horrible Crowes – Elsie Vinyl LP -My biggest complaint about The Horrible Crowes’ debut, Elsie, is that upon first listen it doesn’t sound like too much of a departure from The Gaslight Anthem, as the project is also fronted by Brian Fallon and Gaslight guitar tech Ian Perkins. But that’s ...

  • saves

    Review – Saves The Day: Daybreak LP (180 Gram Black)

    in News January 23 - 5 years ago

     Buy Saves The Day – Daybreak LP – It may be that Chris Conley is the only remaining member of the Saves the Day lineup that was four year ago with the band’s previous release, Under the Boards, but Daybreak – the final album in a trilogy that started with ...

  • coverground

    Review: Chuck Ragan – Covering Ground LP (5/5)!

    in News January 3 - 5 years ago

    Chuck Ragan – Covering Ground – Covering Ground would have been a fantastic name for a Chuck Ragan covers album, but instead it is the third solo album from Ragan, featuring all new material, and that’s even more appealing. From start to finish, it comes with the trademark Ragan energy ...