Not a joke: Rolling Stone going Country with new site

As far as I can tell, and I really don’t care to research this since anecdotal evidence seems like more than enough, Country has never been as popular as it has been of late. After all, Country lacked Taylor Swift for the first 80-odd years of its existence.

As such, and to most likely combat waining interest, popular music publication Rolling Stone has announced the creation of a brand new, and stand alone, website devoted completely to the Southern genre. Focus will include Swift (of course) and others like Bob Dylan (he’s apparently country now.)

How serious is this endeavor? Pretty serious consider Rolling Stone will be opening up a new office in Nashville with around 10-15 staffers. According to Gus Wenner, recently appointed director of the publication, “There’s a really big void in the digital coverage of country music as far as giving it the serious attention it deserves. I saw some similarities and thought it could be an opportunity for Rolling Stone.”

In other words: ‘We need to tap into something that’s popular and QUICK.’

There are currently no plans for a print version of Rolling Stone Country (or Rock Country, as I hope its called one day). Which is probably a good idea, since print media is even deader than music media.

Source: Adage

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