Trent Reznor to launch a streaming music service… with Beats by Dre?

Earlier this year Trent Reznor announced a partnership with Dr. Dre‘s overrated Beats enterprise. Rather than slapping his signature on another pair of shitty-headphones, Reznor has revealed to the The New Yorker that the partnership includes launching a streaming music service next year. “It’s probably not what you’re expecting!”, he told the magazine.

Tentatively dubbed “Daisy,” the service skews more towards a Pandora-like experience, utilizing mathematics to determine suggestions for a listener. However, unlike the former, suggestions from music “connoisseurs” will also weight into the equation, creating a platform “in which the machine and the human would collide more intimately.”

As Reznor puts it, Daisy will offer a layer of “intelligent curation” not found in competing services. As if you walked into a record store and were greeted by an employee who knows “what you like but can also point you down some paths you wouldn’t necessarily have encountered.”

This all sounds great… if it works.

Pardon my cynicism, however, past experiences with Beats-products make me slightly wary of this venture. Likewise, both Reznor and Dr. Dre will be entering a rather crowded space. Does “intelligent curation” offer enough incentive to switch from the likes of Spotify or rDio? Will the service even be competitive, especially when considering that Beat’s products generally (and needlessly) cost twice as much as its nearest competition?

I guess we’ll know more next year. Stay tuned.

Source: The New Yorker via Pitchfork

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