50 Cent forgot he had $7 million in bitcoin

If you’re anything like me, and I suspect you are, then you know 2018 is all about one thing: get bitcoin, or die trying.

Bitcoin, sadly, has become a bit of an abstract concept. Much like ‘the game,’ to acknowledge bitcoin means you’ve already lost at bitcoin. Where the world was once filled with this fresh crypto-currency, it has now been sucked dry by a select group of Daniel Plainview-esq nerds with keen foresight and a taste for digital milkshakes.

Until about a week ago, 50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) was just like us: A loser. A bitcoin-less loser, forced to sling rhymes and sugar water to make ends meat. Until TMZ ran a story highlighting Jackson’s early acceptance of bitcoin of as a payment method for his 2014 album, Animal Ambition. He would ultimately sell 700 bitcoins-worth of said album, currently valued at north of $7 million.

Amusingly, 50 had forgotten about the digital stash until the celebrity tabloid mentioned it. “Ima keep it real,” he later posted. “I forgot I did that shit.”

That said, considering Jackson owes about $23 million to various creditors, its more of a bitter sweet victory than anything else.

Still, in the annals of bitcoin history, a few names will stand out: The Winklevi, Peter Thiel and now, Fiddy Cent. Not bad for a kid from the south side.

Source: TMZ and The Verge


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