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Vinyl Collective was started in 2005 as a sub-company of Suburban Home Records by Virgil Dickerson. During the days of Suburban Homes ownership Vinyl Collective was described as a site, an online store, a message board, a podcast, a twitter page, and so much more!

In January of 2011, Fork Radio Inc., (home to SRCVinyl) acquired the Vinyl Collective. It was relaunched in February 2011 as a diverse vinyl collector’s community.

The Vinyl Collective Forum

The Vinyl Collective Forum is an outlet for many labels, artists and vinyl collectors to discuss new releases, collaborate on what releases they desire, as well as trade, buy and sell vinyl. The forum currently has over 20,000 active subscribers and over 2 million posts

The Vinyl Collective Blog

The VC blog is an outlet for music and vinyl related news as well as articles geared towards the vinyl collector. To submit a news story to Vinyl Collective, please send an email to [email protected]

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