Best Turntables Under $500 – Vinyl Collectives 2016 List

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Best Turntables Under $500

We have compiled a list of Vinyl Collective’s best turntables available in 2016 priced under $500. Many, if not all, of the “Best Turntables Under $500” lists you typically see out there contain at least one if not several portable turntables, and those with USB options such as the Crosley and Jensen just to name a few. However, we at Vinyl Collective have compiled for you the BEST TURNTABLES under $500 actually worth buying and advise you stay away from portable turntables when looking to establish a good record player setup. Included is a really cheap turntable at $99.99 that will leave you with a long lasting setup you will not later be embarrassed of or regret.

Scroll through our gallery to view the top turntables under $500.

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