Vinyl records are back – in a big way. Music lovers are turning back to vinyl for its pure sound and the fun of collecting. If you’re ready to take the plunge, The Beginner’s Guide to Vinyl will walk you through the basics of what is sure to becomes your newest passion.

Whether your musical tastes are jazz, rock, country, classical, or show tunes, you can find vinyl records from your
favorite artists – buy you have to know where to look. And DJ-turned-vinyl-expert Jenna Miles will let you know all that and more.

If you’re a more advanced audiophile, you’ll find plenty of information about hardware beyond the entry-level options, along with
a backstage pass to tidbits and stories about artists and the industry that you’ve never heard before.
It’s the next best thing to an afternoon spent at the record store!

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The book is set to be released worldwide on December 2nd and is available for pre order at the following stores:


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Jenna Miles

JENNA MILES is president and cofounder of SRCVinyl, a company specializing in vinyl
records, as well as co-owner of Vinyl Collective, an online news site and community for vinyl
collectors that boasts more than 20,000 registered users and 2.2 million monthly page views.
As president of SRCVinyl, Jenna oversees production of vinyl records, retail operations,
customer service, marketing, and sales, providing her with extensive vinyl record knowledge.
As owner of Vinyl Collective, she has frequently been able to expand her vinyl knowledge
through connecting with the community in addition to overseeing the vinyl news site.

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