Man at the center of New York Times’ U.F.O. exposé now works for Tom DeLonge

If you’ve read the recent New York Times piece about the Pentagon’s secret U.F.O. program — and you should its a great piece — then you may be may be surprised to learn that the man behind the initiative, Luis Elizondo, now works for Tom DeLonge.

DeLonge, of Blink-182 and Angels and Airwaves fame, who has long been fascinated by extraterrestrials, recently converted his record label into a publicly-funded brain-trust called, To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science. Though their mission statement is rather vague, it seems the organization is interested in advancing sciences through an extraterrestrial lens. For instance, they recently launched a crowd-funding campaign to build a vehicle with “electrogravity” and “beamed energy” propulsion that will allow it to traverse air, water and space. Just normal science-y stuff, mixed in with publishing rights for post-punk music. (Take that, Elon Musk)

Elizondo’s move to To The Stars is mentioned near the end of the Times piece. He and two other high-ranking officials have joined the venture to continue the work started under their Pentagon program. “If anyone says they have the answers now, they’re fooling themselves,” he told the Times.

Consider for a second that if we ever discover life outside of our plant, it may be thanks to the guy who wrote ‘All The Small Things.’ Let that sink in for a moment.

Source: The New York Times

Full disclosure: Vinyl Collective is owned by SRCVinyl, which has released several Angels and Airwaves records. We have sadly not been asked to invest in ‘To The Stars Academy’, nor do we understand what electrogravity or beamed energy is. We will, however, gladly accept a ‘To The Stars’ baseball cap, coffee mug or both.

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