Review: Blink-182 – They Came to Conquer… Uranus 7”

Review: Blink-182 – They Came to Conquer… Uranus 7” – Originally release in 1995 on Cargo Music, Blink-182’s They Came to Conquer… Uranus was the band’s first release under Blink-182, rather than Blink. It featured three tunes – “Wrecked Him,” “Waggy” and “Zulu” – and received a limited original pressing on 7-inch vinyl. The most notable track from the release is “Waggy,” as it also later appeared on Dude Ranch. Grilled Cheese has since repressed Uranus a number of times, the latest of which comes at listeners in white. The cover art is the same on a folded sleeve, and the back features a bunch of nicknames in the production credits, including one for original drummer Scott Raynor, who played on this release. There’s nothing particularly fantastic about the latest pressing of the album. It simply serves as another opportunity to pick it up.

Review By: Bill Jones

Sound/Press Quality: 3/5
Artwork/Packaging: 3/5

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  • Ryan M. says: May 28, 2012 at 1:58 pm

    I found this in black vinyl once at Newbury Comics. When I went back a week later I found it in blue, I picked that one up too. I’ve gone back 3 times and keep finding it in different colors, but I haven’t seen white yet. Time to go look!

    p.s. This is the only record I’ve picked up multiple colors of, it’s cheap and I just thought it was funny. I don’t tend to waste money picking up multiple colors of the same pressings. 

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