Review: Mock Orange – Nines & Sixes LP

Review: Mock Orange – Nines & Sixes LP – Mock Orange’s debut album, Nines & Sixes, is available again on vinyl. The fast indie effort comes on a green, almost camouflage-looking piece of vinyl. The artwork and packaging are all those of the original release, from the cover art to the jackets, inserts and center label. ShopRadioCast nicely tosses in a bonus record (a random selection of 100 white and 299 clear pieces of vinyl) with two extra tracks. And even that is on a nice piece of vinyl, rather than cheap test-press quality. All in all, it’s great for those looking for a trip down memory lane and sounds solid, but there may not be enough extra to warrant a new purchase for those who already own it. And it’s weird that the bonus runs at 45 RPM with the album playing at 33 1/3, and a bigger bummer the extra wax doesn’t really have a spot in the sleeve; it just sort of gets packed in there.

Review By: Bill Jones

Sound/Press Quality: 4/5
Artwork/Packaging: 2/5

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  • Guest says: June 11, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    “rather than cheap test-press quality”
    “it’s weird that the bonus runs at 45 RPM”

    terrible review

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