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  • Kim and Kanye’s Christmas pictures are as awkward as you’d expect

    From the Web December 26 - 3 weeks ago

    Since quitting Twitter earlier this year, Kanye West sightings have become quite rare. Like Mothman, Kayne generally appears when disaster is about to strike. Which is why we should fear his appearance in not one, but six, Christmas-themed photos. (more…)

  • Man at the center of New York Times’ U.F.O. exposé now works for Tom DeLonge

    From the Web December 22 - 4 weeks ago

    If you’ve read the recent New York Times piece about the Pentagon’s secret U.F.O. program — and you should its a great piece — then you may be may be surprised to learn that the man behind the initiative, Luis Elizondo, now works for Tom DeLonge.

    DeLonge, of Blink-182 and Angels and Airwaves fame, who has long been fascinated by extraterrestrials, recently converted his record label into a publicly-funded brain-trust called, To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science. Though their mission statement is rather vague, it seems the organization is interested in advancing sciences through an extraterrestrial lens. For instance, they recently launched a crowd-funding campaign to build a vehicle with “electrogravity” and “beamed energy” propulsion that will allow it to traverse air, water and space. Just normal science-y stuff, mixed in with publishing rights for post-punk music. (Take that, Elon Musk)

    Elizondo’s move to To The Stars is mentioned near the end of the Times piece. He and two other high-ranking officials have joined the venture to continue the work started under their Pentagon program. “If anyone says they have the answers now, they’re fooling themselves,” he told the Times.

    Consider for a second that if we ever discover life outside of our plant, it may be thanks to the guy who wrote ‘All The Small Things.’ Let that sink in for a moment.

    Source: The New York Times

    Full disclosure: Vinyl Collective is owned by SRCVinyl, which has released several Angels and Airwaves records. We have sadly not been asked to invest in ‘To The Stars Academy’, nor do we understand what electrogravity or beamed energy is. We will, however, gladly accept a ‘To The Stars’ baseball cap, coffee mug or both.

  • U.S. Government may be seizing Martin Shkreli’s rare Wu-Tang record

    News December 18 - 1 month ago

    The continuing saga of that Wu-Tang-not-a-Wu-Tang record, Once Upon a time in Shaolin, may be entering a new chapter.

    When we last left off, the one-of-a-kind record was being auditioned off on eBay by its current owner, Martin Shkreli. It would eventually sell for $1 million — half of its original purchase price — to a buyer who was privately negotiating the sale outside of the auction site.

    As it turns out, it was all for naught. Shkreli, who was recently found guilty of defrauding investors, now has been ordered by Federal prosecutors to forfeit $7 million in assets – including said Wu-Tang record. According to The Washington Post:

    “Shkreli should turn over two rap albums — the only known copy of the Wu-Tang Clan’s “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” and Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter IV” — as well as $5 million in cash, interest in a company he started, Touring Pharmaceutical, and a Picasso painting, prosecutors said. They also asked that he give up a World War II-era Enigma code-breaking machine used against Nazi Germany.”

    For now, Shkreli’s legal team plans to fight the forfeiture. The Saga, indeed, continues.

    Source: The Washington Post

  • Miley Cyrus Vinyl

    Miley Cyrus “Younger Now” Vinyl

    News December 12 - 1 month ago

    Miley Cyrus “Younger Now” will be released on vinyl! This is due out February 2nd and is up for pre order now here:

    Miley Cyrus – Younger Now LP

  • As I Lay Dying “Frail Worlds Collapse” Colored Vinyl Reissue

    News December 12 - 1 month ago

    As I Lay Dying “Frail Worlds Collapse” is being reissued on a limited yellow/brown colored vinyl! This is due out January 26th and is up for pre order now here:

    As I Lay Dying – Frail Worlds Collapse LP

  • Jack White interviews Gary Oldman, and we make it better because we can

    Some Old Bullshit November 1 - 3 months ago

    Leave it to Jack White to remerge into the public eye as weirdly as possible. White’s been relatively quiet since the release of 2014’s Lazaretto. This week, he reappeared with an interview of acclaimed actor, Gary Oldman for Interview Magazine.

    The discussion is as dry as you’d expect, which is why I took it upon myself to pull a bunch of quotes out of context, and re-arrange them into a far more interesting interview. So, without further-ado, here is Jack White interviewing Gary Oldman, the Vinyl Collective Remix.


  • Dave Grohl and Kristen Bell’s death metal rendition of ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman’ is all sorts of uncomfertable

    Audio / Video November 1 - 3 months ago

    The conundrum that is modern-day Dave Grohl (a father of two, who still worships Motörhead) is perhaps best exemplified by this clip from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. Grohl, who took over hosting duties for the night (and dressed up as David Letterman, no less), joined Kristen Bell in a death-metal rendition of ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman’ from Disney’s Frozen. It’s all sorts of weird. None good.

    Last month, Grohl lamented his “uncomfortable” experience on James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke, explaining that having to sing his own song’s on the spot was “embarrassing.” One wonder’s how he’ll throw his Kimmel appearance under the bus once the Halloween candy high wears off.

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