Review: Thursday – Full Collapse Vinyl LP

Thursday’s Full Collapse became infamous for the band’s displeasure with Victory Records. It would become indicative of the crappy post-hardcore sound the band would continue to create, as well as the type of unfortunate garbage Victory would continue to release, along with the some-might-say strange business tactics the label would continue to employ. Needless to say, this reviewer doesn’t particularly see it as a bright spot on the music timeline. But for those who have enjoyed the trappings of Thursday for more than a decade, the vinyl re-release of Full Collapse is done well enough. The vinyl itself is a beautiful translucent blue, but the artwork and packaging simply blow up the original artwork, with nothing else special to add to the mix. It’s nice that it still comes with a download card, though.

Reviewed By: Bill Jones

Sound/Press Quality: 4/5
Artwork & Packaging: 2/5

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