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    The Beginner’s Guide To Vinyl Book Out Today!

    in News December 2 - 6 months ago

    The Beginner’s Guide to Vinyl is in store today! So while you are out shopping this weekend, be sure to hit up your local Barnes and Noble (who also have an awesome selection of vinyl!) or Amazon if you prefer online and grab yourself a copy of the book! This is ...

  • Beginner's Guide To Vinyl

    The Beginner’s Guide To Vinyl

    in Featured Articles September 29 - 8 months ago

    Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to put pen to paper and craft a book specifically for vinyl collectors. As co-founder of SRCVinyl and co-owner of Vinyl Collective I recognize that vinyl collectors, both experienced and new to the hobby oftentimes run into questions ...

  • quicksand

    Quicksand “Manic Compression” Pre Order!

    in Featured Articles January 18 - 4 years ago

    Shopradiocast are set to reissue Quicksand’s “Manic Compression” on vinyl with a few upgrades from the original pressing. The album will be reissued with a gatefold jacket and will include an 18 x 24 poster. It will also be pressed on a variety of colors and is due out February ...

  • fun-AimandIgnite

    Review: Fun. – Aim and Ignite 2xLP 5/5!!!!

    in News July 2 - 5 years ago

    Review: Fun. – Aim and Ignite 2xLP – It seems like Fun. is on top of the world right now with the release of the band’s stellar sophomore effort, Some Nights. But the trio was already impressing critics and fans alike in 2009 with a unique pop debut called Aim ...

  • 1995-TheyCameToConquer

    Review: Blink-182 – They Came to Conquer… Uranus 7”

    in News May 24 - 5 years ago

    Review: Blink-182 – They Came to Conquer… Uranus 7” – Originally release in 1995 on Cargo Music, Blink-182’s They Came to Conquer… Uranus was the band’s first release under Blink-182, rather than Blink. It featured three tunes – “Wrecked Him,” “Waggy” and “Zulu” – and received a limited original pressing ...

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    Review: Mock Orange – Nines & Sixes LP

    in News May 23 - 5 years ago

    Review: Mock Orange – Nines & Sixes LP – Mock Orange’s debut album, Nines & Sixes, is available again on vinyl. The fast indie effort comes on a green, almost camouflage-looking piece of vinyl. The artwork and packaging are all those of the original release, from the cover art to ...

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    Starting Line Direction Vinyl Pressing Pre Order Info

    in News May 23 - 5 years ago

    Shop Radio Cast will launch pre orders for the Starting Line “Direction” vinyl pressing tomorrow (May 24th) at 2 pm EST HERE!!! The pre order will include two variants – a blue and yellow color matched to the artwork. Both colors are limited to only 500 copies. The album is ...

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    Tegan and Sara – So Jealous Back in Print!

    in News May 23 - 5 years ago

    After several months of being unavailable Tegan and Sara’s “So Jealous” is finally back in print! You can grab your copy on vinyl here. Although The Con and Sainthood are currently not available, the following Tegan and Sara titles are! Tegan and Sara – Get Along LP (White LTD 3,000) ...

  • ycunderdog

    Review: Yellowcard – The Underdog EP

    in News May 23 - 5 years ago

    The Underdog EP is mostly remembered for being Yellowcard’s transitional album from One for the Kids to the sounds they got popular with on Ocean Avenue. The five tracks pressed on the vinyl are a great trip down memory lane, even if the pressing is fairly standard, but it’s nice ...

  • Thursday Full Collapse Vinyl

    Review: Thursday – Full Collapse Vinyl LP

    in News May 22 - 5 years ago

    Thursday’s Full Collapse became infamous for the band’s displeasure with Victory Records. It would become indicative of the crappy post-hardcore sound the band would continue to create, as well as the type of unfortunate garbage Victory would continue to release, along with the some-might-say strange business tactics the label would ...